THE STRIP (2000)  
  Throughout the 1990's The Strip was one of Christchurch's most popular destinations. It was a 100-metre stretch of bars and restaurants over looking the city's Avon River; during the day and evening it was popular with dinners, but late at night the venues transformed into nightclubs.

In 2000, following the success of the In Our Own Land exhibition, I was asked by the director of COCA to photograph a body of work that captured life on the Strip. After getting the consent on the nightclub owners, I made several visits to The Strip over the course of a couple of months. The photos were made between the hours of midnight and 3.00 am, and all the photographs were made in available light.  

The project captured a side in the city that has since been lost; these buildings were destroyed in the 2010/2011 earthquakes.