I photograph private commissions, including weddings, portraiture and events. 
Below are some examples of this work... please feel free to contact me to discuss further. 


Wedding Photography

Your wedding is the one day when you will probably have everyone in your life together in the one place. It is a day that will go past in a blur, and chances are you want a photographer who will capture the magic, not control or fabricate it. 

My skills as a documentary photographer are well suited to a wedding. Rather than trying to contrive photographs, I look for moments and the emotion. You maintain control over your day, but I am there and ready to make photographs that count. I enjoy working with couples to capture their special day. Why? Because in part, photographing a wedding is the ultimate documentary photography project... there is emotion and moments... its that simple!


I photographed my first wedding on my 21st birthday. And on January 1st, 2000 on remote Chatham Island, I photographed the first wedding of the millennium.
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Portrait photography is an extension of my documentary photography. It is an opportunity to slow down the photo making process and engage with you.