The NZIPP / RNZRSA WWII Veterans Portrait Project.  

In late 2013 I was asked by the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers to coordinate a project to make portraits of Returned Services personnel. The plan was for 50 NZIPP members to photograph two veterans each, and the resulting 100 or so portraits were to be gifted to the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association. At the time no one at the NZIPP had actually engaged with the RNZRSA to determine just how many returned personnel there were in New Zealand; it turned out over 15,000 New Zealanders were qualified as returned services personnel, which is to say that saw active service overseas with New Zealand's Army, Navy, Air Force and Police forces. A gift of 100 portraits seemed rather token. 

It was at that point that we decided to ask another question; how many WWII returned servicemen and servicewoman were still alive, and should we make an effort to photograph as many of them as we can instead. A survey was put out to all RSA groups about New Zealand, and a few weeks later it was determined that there were at least 2000, potentially 3000 WWII veterans still alive in New Zealand. A decision was made by the board of the NZIPP to ask its membership to consider photographing as many New Zealand WWII veterans as we could, with the project commencing on April 25th 2014: ANZAC Day. 

Not only did NZIPP photographers rise to the occasion, but so to did New Zealand's WWII veterans and their families. Over the space of a year, over 100 NZIPP photographed over 2000 veterans, and as of mid-2015 we are still making portraits of those veterans who are only just hearing of the project. Nevertheless, the project has been deemed a great success, both for the NZIPP and the RNZRSA who has been gifted the portraits to be kept as part of New Zealand's National Memory. The above video is just a small example of the 2000+ portraits that have been gifted to the RNZRSA and the veterans.  




The Christchurch Earthquake and the National Library. 

  Western Connection   
  Close to the centre of Melbourne in between the suburbs of West Melbourne and Docklands is a 22-hectare block of industrial land. Like much of the west side of Melbourne's CBD, this part of the city has always been