Anthony McKee is a Australian based professional photographer with strong interests documentary and portrait photography.

"My preferred medium is documentary photography - getting close to a subject without becoming an intruder in their environment. Over time I have learnt to be seen and at times acknowledged but then, most importantly of all, to be forgotten. By letting people get on with what they do, I capture images that tell real stories."

McKee began his photography career in New Zealand in the 1980's and studied at Wellington Polytech's School of Professional Photography in 1989 where he learnt the fundamentals of the documentary genre. On completing the course he worked as a photojournalist for several years before going a freelance. He is now based in Melbourne and he still enjoys bringing his documentary style to his works.

"The most important element I seek within my images is integrity; I want my photographs to be transparent of any distracting technique so that there is no confusion on the part of an audience about what they are seeing. I want my photographs to reveal subjects in an honest way; to reveal something of their inner self, a brief glimpse beyond the usual façade of daily life." 

Aside from being a photographer, McKee is also writer and photo-educator. In 2013, Anthony was awarded the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers (NZIPP) highest honour, an Honorary Fellowship for his services in raising the public profile of professional photography in New Zealand. In 2014 he also helped the NZIPP initiate a project to photograph the last of New Zealand's World War Two veterans. So far over 2000 veterans have been photographed and their portraits gifted to the Returned Services Association of New Zealand. 

Anthony is also the winner of the AIPP Canon 2014 Documentary Photographer of the Year. 




2014 -  AIPP/Canon Australian Documentary Photographer of the Year.
2013 -  NZIPP Honorary Fellowship.
2000 -  NZIPP New Zealand Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year.